Embracing Community: Celebrating Ramadan at Brookvale Leisure Centre

Brookvale Leisure Centre annually hosts a series of events and celebrations throughout Ramadan, serving as host for the local Muslim community. This year, in celebration of Halton’s 50th Jubilee, the Mayor and Consort of Halton, Cllr Val and Stan Hill, were honoured to partake in these festivities.

The Iftar event, a cornerstone of Ramadan, holds particular significance as families and communities gather at sunset to break their fasts together. The event is filled with anticipations and gratitude as tables are presented with a diverse array of dishes. With the call to prayer, the fast is ceremoniously broken, and individuals come together to share in a communal meal, offer prayers, and revel in each other’s company.

Despite the event occurring later than usual due to Ramadan coinciding with the summertime change, its importance remained undiminished. Scheduled for the Mayor’s arrival at 7pm, followed by prayers and the breaking of the fast at 8:15pm, the event was an evening of joyous celebration and sharing of rich cultural traditions.
For more information about taking part in next year’s celebration contact the centre on: 01928 712051

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