50 Quirky Things To Do in Halton: Part 3

We’ve got a unique list of 50 inspiring and quirky things to see, do, taste and experience – only in Halton!

Let’s continue our exploration of the region’s hidden gems and extraordinary experiences that make Halton a truly special place.

Part 3: Quirky Things 31-50

  1. Airwalk Higher Than a Phoenix – Phoenix Park Bowl Skatepark, WA7 2WL

Grab your skateboard and airwalk higher than a phoenix at Phoenix Park Bowl Skatepark. Whether you climb, skate, or cycle, this adrenaline-packed skatepark promises an exhilarating experience for all ages.

  1. Marvel at the Most Excavated Monastic Site in Europe – Norton Priory, WA7 1SX

Uncover the rich history of Norton Priory, one of Halton’s hidden gems. Once home to a medieval church, this site boasts 900 years of history and heritage, making it one of the most excavated monastic sites in Europe! Immerse yourself in the past as you explore the fascinating grounds and artefacts of Norton Priory.

  1. Get Roarsome and See a Dinosaur’s Footprint – Runcorn, WA7 4PT

Take a stroll through Runcorn Hill Park, built on a sandstone hill with stunning green spaces and views of Runcorn town centre. While you’re there, pick up an authentic Italian coffee from Esposito’s and keep an eye out for a dinosaur’s footprint!

  1. Enjoy 360° Views from the Top of the Catalyst – WA8 0DF

Elevate your perspective at the Catalyst, where a glass-walled, roof-top gallery offers 360° views. Accessible by an external glass lift, this unique experience combines panoramic views, interactive exhibits, and an extensive photographic collection. 

  1. Act Saintly and Travel to a Priory – Norton Priory, WA7 1SX

Journey to Norton Priory and discover one of the UK’s most important pieces of late-medieval sculpture. Carved from local red sandstone in the late fourteenth century, the statue of St. Christopher weighs 1.25 tonnes and is the largest surviving statue of its kind in Britain. 

  1. Step Up the Famous Pulpit – Westbank Church, St Mary’s Road, WA8 0DP 

Ascend to the famous pulpit at Westbank Church in Widnes. Recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a Grade II listed building, this church invites you to step into history and experience the grandeur of its platform. 

  1. Look Out for Raiding Airships Near the Zeppelin Stone – Victoria Park, WA8 7SU

Witness a piece of history in Victoria Park, the Bombed Milestone from the Zeppelin Air Raids of WW1. Stand proud next to the statues of Victoria Cross holders and reflect on the stories and resilience of the community during wartime. 

  1. Appreciate the Artwork at Hazlehurst Studios – High Street, WA7 1AH

Venture to Hazlehurst Studios and immerse yourself in the world of local artists. This creative space within the community offers a range of skills, training, and workshops, providing a platform for artistic expression and appreciation. 

  1. Scale New Heights and Climb Higher – Hough Green Road, Widnes, WA8 4PF

Challenge yourself to scale new heights at Upton Community Centre’s climbing wall. Embrace the thrill of climbing higher in the scenic surroundings of Victoria Park, Town Park, and Runcorn Town Hall Park. 

  1. Take a Breather at the Travellers’ Rest Stone Seat – Daresbury

Pause and relax at the Travellers’ Rest Stone Seat in Daresbury. Originally developed as stone seats for weary travellers, the Traveller’s Rest Stone Seat can be found in Daresbury at the junction of Chester Road and Newton Lane, where it was hewn out of the sandstone face. 

  1. Pat & Sit on the Famous Pigs – Norton Priory Pig Statue – Runcorn WA7 1SX

Meet the famous pig statues at Norton Priory, designed by Philip Bews and inspired by Berkshire Pigs at Croxteth Hall in Liverpool.  The Walled Garden pigs are the perfect picture spot for little ones. 

  1. Escape to an Island to Meet a Fairy and a Hog – Wigg Island Nature Reserve

Positioned between the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal, Wigg Island Nature Reserve is a historic haven with great viewpoints of the Mersey Estuary. Keep your eyes peeled, and you might spot a fairy called Fly Agaric and a hog decorated in ceramic mosaic pieces. 

  1. Walk Over the Bridgewater Canal – Runcorn WA7 1AB

Ramble the length of the canal or take a leisurely waterside stroll. On your walk along The Bridgewater Canal, get creative along the canal towpath and hunt down the wildlife stencil stations on-route. 

  1. Visit the Church Founded by Ethelfleda, Lady of the Mercians – All Saints Church, Runcorn, WA4 4AE

Explore the heritage of All Saints Church in Runcorn, founded by Ethelfleda, Lady of the Mercians. Delve into the history and architecture of this significant church, which holds a special place in the cultural tapestry of Halton. 

  1. Take a Walk to a Grade II Listed Water Tower – Runcorn WA7 6PX

Take a journey to Norton Water Tower, a Grade II listed structure that stands as a testament to Halton’s architectural legacy. Admire its unique design and discover the stories hidden within its walls. 

  1. Take a Peek in the Mayor’s Parlour – Heath Rd, Runcorn WA7 5TD

Have a peek inside the Mayor’s Parlour at Runcorn Town Hall. Look out for open days, providing a rare opportunity to explore the inner workings of this civic treasure. 

  1. Have a Tea Party on the Alfresco Terrace – The Brindley, Runcorn, WA7 1BG

Indulge in the famous afternoon tea at The Brindley. Take a seat on the Alfresco Terrace and savour delightful treats in this award-winning theatre. 

  1. Take a Rangers Tour Around an ECO Park – St Michael’s Eco Park, WA8 8DF

Embark on a Rangers tour of the solar panel farm near the DCBL Stadium at St Michael’s Eco Park. Learn about sustainable practices and how they lower their carbon footprint to create an eco-friendly environment. 

  1. See the Holy Site Where the Blacksmith Who Slew the Griffin is Buried – St Luke’s Church, Farnworth

Explore the historical significance of St Luke’s Church in Farnworth, where the blacksmith who slew the Griffin is buried. Uncover the tales that surround this holy site, adding a touch of mystery to your journey. 

  1. Seek Out the Sets of the Sitcom, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps – Runcorn WA7 1AB

Discover the sets of the beloved sitcom, “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps,” in Runcorn Village. Relive the moments from this iconic show and explore the charming locales that played a role in its television history.

There you have it! 50 Things you can see, do, and experience only in Halton!

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