About Halton

Discover Halton, a borough in the Northwest of England situated within the Liverpool City region. This area is perhaps best known for its industrial heritage and iconic Silver Jubilee Bridge, however, there is much more to Halton than meets the eye.  

A rural hinterland boasting a range of fascinating attractions, renowned heritage and beautiful natural landscapes that draw visitors from across the UK. 

From the award-winning cultural hub, The Brindley Arts Centre, to the historic Norton Priory Museum and Gardens, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Halton.  

Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or simply looking for a getaway filled with surprises, this hidden gem in the heart of the Northwest is well worth a visit. 

Halton Borough Council is committed to ensuring that our borough is a place in which culture thrives and is nurtured. As a local authority, Halton will be the enabling force for the transformative change which the Crucible of Culture is founded upon.

Our commitment is highlighted throughout the Crucible of Culture document; here we put our names to that commitment.


Looking for some ideas and inspiration and to help plan your visit to Halton, check out our blogs for lots of information and tips on where to go.